That Fool Dave Saves the Empire

Before we start… Of course, I mean the American empire, not because it’s the most important empire necessarily, or because it is the worst… or best… but simply because I live here, and I know the most about this particular empire.

While I do admit, that we are an empire, I would always try to insist that we add the qualifier, economic empire…  and over this issue I have had much disagreement with progressive friends.  I often, for example, remind some of my progressive friends who insist that this is the “evil American empire trying to control the world”…  Well… Not really.  For the most powerful military nation in the world, we have probably taken less territory, than any other.  At no time in human history, that I can think of, has the most powerful nation in the world, taken so little territory.  We have also never fought the “We’re the best in the world and everyone else should die” war, as most nations have.

The response is often…  “Well, that’s not how it’s done anymore, you don’t take territory, you finance puppets, and back people it’s all economic”.  To my progressive friends who agree with this sentiment… Yes, you are right… Thanks to America, pure warfare, and the theft of territory, directly by force, is now slowly going the way of the buffalo.  We are a brutal economic empire… but, simply by virtue of choosing this path, after inventing the bomb…  The United States of America, permanently changed the game among first world nations.

That being said… In our wars of aggression, or revenge, or profit, in Iraq, and Afghanistan, we took an enormous step backwards, and have begun to resemble the empires that all of humanity once feared.  I like to believe, that this will go down as the worst decade in American history, that we will return to our shores and once again leave the people of the world alone, save to occasionally sell them the few products we actually make well.  If we continue the path of old school imperialism into Iran… We will regret it.  Not because America will lose… Simply because human life will be lost needlessly, and everyone loses in that case.

The people of the United States of America, want to compete with our neighbors…  economically.  We don’t want to compete with any of you militarily…  You’re not competition in that venue…  If people choose the path of territorial old school warfare again, the United States of America, will be the nation that turns the surface of the earth to glass, and shatters it on the crust.  The ancient ways of humanity are over, whether the rest of the world likes in or not… because of mutually assured destruction.  If you think the United States is trying to take over Afghanistan or invade China, you’re mad.  That’s not how it works anymore… but for what it is worth, that is one thing that you can thank America for, as well as our brutal competitors, the Russians and Chinese.

There are no terrorists in the world like us.  We’re the crazy ones.  We built the mechanism for the destruction of humanity, in the hopes that it would bring world peace and prosperity… Islamic fundamentalists have nothing on that logic.  So…  Spaghetti monster in the sky please save the American empire… by disassembling it, and returning it to the free democratic republic it once was.  Get the Army corps of engineers to teach the Army how to rebuild Detroit, and get the hell back to home soil.  Fix the NDAA, end the Patriot Act, Free Bradley Manning, and impose a human rights tariff…  Wait, that’s our job as active citizens.  Fuck You Spaghetti Monster in the Sky!…  Sometimes I’m not even sure if I believe in you at all.

In short, economic imperialism, was an enormous upgrade from it’s predecessor… but it’s not good enough, and stop going backwards America.


That Fool Dave Saves the Religion – Capitalism

So… Why is capitalism a religion? Just like all major religions, it is, at its core, obsessed with sex. Capitalism, makes wealth, an alternative form of plumage, based on contributions one makes to society. Before merit based pay, and merit based rewards, men and women used two major tools to make sexual choices… Genetics, and “breeding”… Symmetry, fertility, hips, skin, all of these things, both sexes are built to be attracted to, and whether we admit it or not, we can’t help but fall for our genetic programming some times. “Breeding”, represented, inherited wealth, which was one of the only forms of power (save in small pockets of society, for example the Mongols for a time actually had their best warrior lead).

Capitalism… Turned that idea on it’s head, especially in America, at the beginning. “Breeding” didn’t mean anything. You could lose a fortune, or gain one here, much more easily than in any other place in the world. Very few wealthy people moved here, to jump in wagons and head out west. We were mostly farmers, laborers, and puritans. As rich, cutthroat, and powerful as these men would become… Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt… These men were born poor, laboring class at best. One was sold into indentured servitude to a rich man… and he probably had it the easiest.

When Andrew Carnegie, is at the peak of his powers… It doesn’t matter if he’s symmetric, or fertile, or tall, or strong… He can meet any man or woman of his choice. Just like a blue blooded Englishman. No one can make anyone fall in love, but certainly being rich and powerful in society, not because of your birth, but because of your wisdom and insight, because you made more steel for this country than anyone has ever seen… it doesn’t hurt in the pursuit of “high value sexual targets”. Capitalism, rooted in Darwinism, survival of the fittest… is all about, providing men who contribute greatly to society, with high value sexual targets.

This is an incredibly patriarchal and oppressive form of sexual control before the sexual revolution, and I am not defending it, merely explaining it. I would also argue, that it is less patriarchal, and more society focused than aristocracy and “breeding”. People who do incredible things for society, are objectively more valuable than people who notoriously inbreed, and inherit their money. However, there is no meaningful role for women in this society… and men, after competing over social stature by merit, are still allowed to look at women, solely through the naturalistic lens, of symmetry, hips, fertility, etc.

This needed to change, and the feminist movement took great steps to do so… but, during the conflict, capitalism, seems to have lost its roots. We no longer talk about how it is tied directly to ideas of Darwinism, survival of the fittest, and sexual options of high perceived value. So the motor of the world, is gumming up.

In my mind, the new revolution, is about forcing men to see women as much for who they are, and how much they contribute, as how they look, much as capitalism, and at times religions, forced this on women generations ago. Many would turn the other way. Many would encourage orgies and sexual liberation… but that just created airborne gonorrhea, and left an generation of children without adult parents… So, I don’t think that’s working out so well.

I would suggest that during the feminist movement, and civil rights movement, corporations used the glut in the labor market, to stagnate and reduce pay of labor in the community. Thus, relegating mediocre producing men and women both, to a slightly lower standard of living than previously enjoyed. Do you realize, that at numerous times in human history, a single man has been able to work 40-60 hours a week, and provide for a family of 4? How come no man or woman laborer, regardless of color could afford to do that in today’s society? Per person, with automation, we produce far more goods than our ancestors… Shouldn’t we be paid as well as they were if not way more?

I would like to suggest that the future of capitalism, is a labor rights movement, centered around gender neutral single parent incomes. Where a man and a woman can compete on equal ground for the provider role, and can gain self esteem from knowing that they feed their family. Whichever contributor society values more on the free market, can work and provide, while the other can provide the absolutely necessary role of parent, and community builder… which society has come to neglect over the last four decades.

Women have been less unemployed than men, for almost a generation. They have also been better educated than men for almost a generation (both of these things in America)… Why are women not able to labor, and provide for a family of four yet? We have lost the labor rights movement, and we have lost the struggle for maintaining a tight family structure, but we can build those things again, in my mind, through gender neutral single parent incomes.

What does the role of parent entail? Museums, art galleries, reading, cooking, keeping the place clean, engaging with the community, finding weekend trips, projects and events, civil activism, and possibly starting a small family business. The parent, is also the person who should know what local politicians and issues are on the ballot. The role of active parent is as important as any economic contribution to society has ever been. It creates people who will continue to contribute to society. Without an active parent at home, we have been relying heavily on the public school system, and I’ve got news for you… It’s not their job to raise your kid, and teach them right from wrong… If you don’t want to do that… Stop fucking : p

Are any of these roles set in stone, or should they be forced on anyone? No… Of course not… That would be insane… but, if we, as human beings, don’t realize, that for our labor, we deserve enough money to provide for a family of four… This will be an enormous mistake, because we have already earned it through our evolving skill sets and interactions with technology. Once we have this economic power, I see the return to gender neutral single parent incomes, as the natural norm, which requires no force to implement.

Why? Because it’s easy to start a small at home craft business now. Instead of getting a job to kill time while your child is at school, you can buy a 3d printer, or silk screener, and be your own boss… Why would you want to work for someone else?

What’s in it for women? This is where it gets tricky, because history, and cultural conditioning, might, at first lead to them being more likely to return to the parent role, in some ways unfairly… but, what’s in it for women? The same exact thing, that has always been in it for men… Perceived high value sexual targets.

Women who don’t fall into the role of parent, because they contribute enough to society, to provide for a family of four, will now have the plumage men once did. Young attractive, not particularly useful or productive men, will faun all over them… That’s all men ever got with patriarchy… That’s equality.

That’s our carrot… Does it work for women? I think so, though I know few who would admit it. In order for this to work though, men and women need to stop arguing over unequal pay, and band together to fight for the fact that we all produce 5 times as many goods as we used to, and we get paid less… There needs to be a visceral and angry labor movement that is unified around gender neutral single parent incomes, and merit based pay above that. There needs to be a ladder to climb, money needs to be distributed by merit, and needs to act as social and sexual plumage… but we all need to be able to provide for a family of four, if we labor our asses off for 40 hours a week, because we’ve earned that, we have the skills for it.

Capitalism may die. Automation, may prove Marx right, and lead to the end of working labor… but, even if that ends up being true, for thousands of years, men have used money as plumage… and it worked better than hitting women over the head with rocks. Capitalism, is the most functional religion, which ever existed, and it brought us to this phase in human evolution. Personally, I think if we don’t fight to get it back, men and women alike… Will miss it.

We can’t all be born great looking, and not everyone will grow up to be hard working, or nice. Creating an objective system of evaluating our contribution to human society, is a great way of helping some of the people who aren’t both, find each other, and provide each other value. Or, maybe I’m just crazy and Freudian : p

That Fool Dave Saves Democracy

We need public online voting attached to social networks.  The ballot should be finalized 6 months before the election, and you can log on at any time, and post your vote.  It will be impossible not to count your vote, because it will be public, you can see what it was counted as.

If you post your vote early.  You can leave brief descriptions as to why… and you can then comment on your friends and neighbors votes, trying to get them to change their mind.  They can of course try to influence your vote as well.  There could be contests and competitions among great communicators and celebrities, to see who can change the most votes… but ultimately, everyone will be able to log on, and count one at a time each vote in their district, to insure that the right person won the election.  We can all see arguments and responses… and understand our fellow citizens better, for next election cycle.

This is the next evolution of participatory democracy, and I hope people learn to appreciate, and support it.  Your vote is not a private matter, it is in fact the only thing, that the public has any business knowing about.

That Fool Dave Saves Religion

God is love. Love, is a rational attempt to control the sex drive. Religious myths are meant to encourage a rational family structure.

If you found out something created the world, and it didn’t care about you, or the world it created, in fact, it disliked you both… How would you feel about it?

If you found out something created the world, and it had infinite love and compassion for you, and enjoyed every moment of life… How would you feel about it?

More importantly, would it effect the way you feel about life?

Alright… Well, are you having sex with anyone? If not, are you trying? Well, that’s perfectly natural. You’re going to want to do that a lot… but, do you enjoy life? Are you ready to have infinite love and compassion for someone other than yourself? Are you with one of them? If not.. Stop it! Birth control is not 100% effective…

This was the lesson religion was designed to bring to the masses. You want to create life, all the time, so much so, that your desire, is destructive. Without self control, and society, you would create way more life than you could feed…

You are god. You are the author of your story, and the creator of your life, and others if you choose it. The choice as to whether or not to continue in the cycle of life, is the most important choice you will ever make.

Love… A magic force that makes life worth living? No. A rational approach to controlling your desire to create life. Without a concept of monogamous love, between a man and a woman, society would fall apart. It doesn’t need to be forced, and there is no reason to discriminate against difference… but, homosexuals can’t produce offspring. Sharing partners, means sharing diseases, and expecting men who didn’t create children, to then raise them… a very difficult proposition.  The foundation of the traditional family unit, just makes rational sense.

The basic design of the family structure, laid out in religious texts, was meant to convey rational messages about controlling your sex drive, respecting your parents, and taking the choice as to whether or not to create life very seriously, in a time of mysticism, and nonsense.

What is the best evidence of this?  Adoption.  Until modern times, the church was where almost all children without parents were sent, to have a chance at life.   If your charity organization, was responsible for raising children without parents, wouldn’t god be an insanely useful tool for convincing them that life is worth living, and that they are loved?   Without physical creators, parents, to teach these children, someone needed to come up with a mythical creator, so that they felt loved.

Religion, is actually an outcrop of the public service, or charity work, that is adoption.  Adoption centers continue to believe in an all knowing creator, because the children they care for, often have drug addict, or drunk asshole creators, that make their lives miserable.  So the adoption center tells them… “Don’t worry, that’s not your real creator, god is, and he loves you”.

God is a rationally created myth, designed to give children without parents, a sense that they were created for a reason…  and to encourage parents, to take their decision to create life very seriously.  Are you god yet?  Are you happy?  Are you ready to love things unconditionally?  Are you ready to forgo your own desires, for those of your creation?  If not… Stop fucking.  Of course, this is all just my opinion… I could be wrong.

Did Coursera Steal My Webcam Idea? That Fool Dave Saves Public Education

So, a few months ago I posted a conversation on Ted Conversations, talking about my strategy for public education.  Basically.  We need one international online public school.  One of the highlights, in my mind, was the idea that testing should require students to have webcams, and someone should be paid a living wage to watch a few test takers, and make sure they are staying on the website, and not looking at books or other source material while testing.

Then recently I read… Hey that’s what Coursera is doing… and their speaker, uses a ted photo… Did they jack me, or do great minds think alike?

That frustration aside however, there were other elements of this idea which were innovative.   We already have a public university system, write it into teachers contracts that they have to record their classes, and post them.  As incentive enter a small pay increase, and rewards, for the most popular teachers online.  Ask each teacher to label each question they are asked with a tag, so any student with that question, can find the answer.

This could create teaching celebrities, and we could offer million dollar prizes to the “Best Physics/Algebra/Literature Teacher of 2013” because they have millions of students.

If you’re in politics, and you want a world changing education system… You want one international online public school.

Welcome to That Fool Dave Saves the World

I am always complaining about what people and governments are doing wrong… and, usually, I also have a strategy for simple elegant solutions.  This blog is my proof.  Here I will rant, rave, get angry, and waste boat loads of time… but I will also explain simple governing strategies that will hopefully one day, save the world. I’ll start with simple text, but eventually I would like to upgrade to video rants.