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Did Coursera Steal My Webcam Idea? That Fool Dave Saves Public Education

So, a few months ago I posted a conversation on Ted Conversations, talking about my strategy for public education.  Basically.  We need one international online public school.  One of the highlights, in my mind, was the idea that testing should require students to have webcams, and someone should be paid a living wage to watch a few test takers, and make sure they are staying on the website, and not looking at books or other source material while testing.

Then recently I read… Hey that’s what Coursera is doing… and their speaker, uses a ted photo… Did they jack me, or do great minds think alike?

That frustration aside however, there were other elements of this idea which were innovative.   We already have a public university system, write it into teachers contracts that they have to record their classes, and post them.  As incentive enter a small pay increase, and rewards, for the most popular teachers online.  Ask each teacher to label each question they are asked with a tag, so any student with that question, can find the answer.

This could create teaching celebrities, and we could offer million dollar prizes to the “Best Physics/Algebra/Literature Teacher of 2013” because they have millions of students.

If you’re in politics, and you want a world changing education system… You want one international online public school.


One response to “Did Coursera Steal My Webcam Idea? That Fool Dave Saves Public Education

  1. mishelle

    Too funny I had a similar idea many years ago and noticed a couple years back it had become a reality–the collective unconscious at work, no doubt. In fact, I think great teachers should just start opening their own schools–this would be ideal for Stef, for example!

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