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That Fool Dave Saves Democracy

We need public online voting attached to social networks.  The ballot should be finalized 6 months before the election, and you can log on at any time, and post your vote.  It will be impossible not to count your vote, because it will be public, you can see what it was counted as.

If you post your vote early.  You can leave brief descriptions as to why… and you can then comment on your friends and neighbors votes, trying to get them to change their mind.  They can of course try to influence your vote as well.  There could be contests and competitions among great communicators and celebrities, to see who can change the most votes… but ultimately, everyone will be able to log on, and count one at a time each vote in their district, to insure that the right person won the election.  We can all see arguments and responses… and understand our fellow citizens better, for next election cycle.

This is the next evolution of participatory democracy, and I hope people learn to appreciate, and support it.  Your vote is not a private matter, it is in fact the only thing, that the public has any business knowing about.


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