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That Fool Dave Saves Religion

God is love. Love, is a rational attempt to control the sex drive. Religious myths are meant to encourage a rational family structure.

If you found out something created the world, and it didn’t care about you, or the world it created, in fact, it disliked you both… How would you feel about it?

If you found out something created the world, and it had infinite love and compassion for you, and enjoyed every moment of life… How would you feel about it?

More importantly, would it effect the way you feel about life?

Alright… Well, are you having sex with anyone? If not, are you trying? Well, that’s perfectly natural. You’re going to want to do that a lot… but, do you enjoy life? Are you ready to have infinite love and compassion for someone other than yourself? Are you with one of them? If not.. Stop it! Birth control is not 100% effective…

This was the lesson religion was designed to bring to the masses. You want to create life, all the time, so much so, that your desire, is destructive. Without self control, and society, you would create way more life than you could feed…

You are god. You are the author of your story, and the creator of your life, and others if you choose it. The choice as to whether or not to continue in the cycle of life, is the most important choice you will ever make.

Love… A magic force that makes life worth living? No. A rational approach to controlling your desire to create life. Without a concept of monogamous love, between a man and a woman, society would fall apart. It doesn’t need to be forced, and there is no reason to discriminate against difference… but, homosexuals can’t produce offspring. Sharing partners, means sharing diseases, and expecting men who didn’t create children, to then raise them… a very difficult proposition.  The foundation of the traditional family unit, just makes rational sense.

The basic design of the family structure, laid out in religious texts, was meant to convey rational messages about controlling your sex drive, respecting your parents, and taking the choice as to whether or not to create life very seriously, in a time of mysticism, and nonsense.

What is the best evidence of this?  Adoption.  Until modern times, the church was where almost all children without parents were sent, to have a chance at life.   If your charity organization, was responsible for raising children without parents, wouldn’t god be an insanely useful tool for convincing them that life is worth living, and that they are loved?   Without physical creators, parents, to teach these children, someone needed to come up with a mythical creator, so that they felt loved.

Religion, is actually an outcrop of the public service, or charity work, that is adoption.  Adoption centers continue to believe in an all knowing creator, because the children they care for, often have drug addict, or drunk asshole creators, that make their lives miserable.  So the adoption center tells them… “Don’t worry, that’s not your real creator, god is, and he loves you”.

God is a rationally created myth, designed to give children without parents, a sense that they were created for a reason…  and to encourage parents, to take their decision to create life very seriously.  Are you god yet?  Are you happy?  Are you ready to love things unconditionally?  Are you ready to forgo your own desires, for those of your creation?  If not… Stop fucking.  Of course, this is all just my opinion… I could be wrong.


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