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That Fool Dave Saves the Northeast, Europe, and Everywhere Else No One Should Live

Just poking fun. Another simple invention I have, for green energy. This one, in the winter… Really… just in the rain… but it’s still a good idea when implemented on a massive scale. Rain gutter, water wheels. Like sun concentration, but for rain, and if they aren’t doing this already, sewer power.

Rain hits roof, goes in rain gutters, which channel it to a focal point, where it drops onto an old fashioned water wheel, connected to an alternator, which connects to the grid, or just a battery you can use to charge an extra heater, when it’s raining. I know this sounds expensive, but the truth is… for a do it yourselfer, it could be really simple and cheap. Old car alternator, and car battery. Charge one, bring it in to power your space heater, while the other charges. It’s a rural minded solution, but one that could help quite a few poor people save money on power in the cold, and reduce emissions.

On a larger scale you could do this in rainforest/marsh land, provided that after channeling the water, you then created a channel through which it would flow to it’s natural resting place.

I don’t understand why there aren’t already water wheels generating power in our sewers… but I don’t understand our sewage system very well anyway. I don’t know what to do with these ideas personally because it never rains in southern California, but if you use them to become a millionaire, maybe give me some credit or a cushy job. I’m going to try to create my own with that whole boiling stone thing.

Peace and love friends.



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