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How I Lost a Hundred Pounds, in an “Incredibly Unhealthy” Way

So, I was the fat kid growing up. At age 22 or 23 I topped out at roughly 280 lbs… This was particularly high, and in reality only lasted a few days, but I floated around 250 for quite some time. For most of those 22 years, I was on a diet. Atkins, or weight watchers, or some weird new fad… all leading me further and further down the rabbit hole. I’d lose ten pounds in ten days, then crave everything I hadn’t eaten for days, and gain it all back in 2.

What changed at 23ish? Diet and Exercise? No, of course not… Cigarettes? Well, that started at about 20, but it probably helped… What really helped however, was a new philosophy. One which, everything I have read, suggests, is incredibly unhealthy, but one which worked for me… So why wouldn’t I share it?

Basically, the That Fool Dave Diet, is very simple. You only allow yourself to eat delicious food, and you only eat once per day. Fruit, veggies, and drink calories, that’s it, all the way until dinner. Then, eat whatever you want, but go to, or pick it up from a restaurant, not a fast food place, or cook it yourself.

Mostly I have an energy drink or smoothie in the morning, a couple light snacks during the day… but then, for dinner… Thai, Pizza, Chinese, big meals, appetizers, desserts… go for it. By not buying the first two meals of the day, I tend to afford a nice 10-15 dollar feast for dinner.

Why do “experts” say this is “unhealthy”. It makes your body enter what has been called “starvation mode” and actually begins to naturally shrink the size of your stomach… Why do I put experts and unhealthy in quotes… because it’s basically a natural version of the lap band, which, if you are 100 pounds overweight, any of them would happily recommend.

Now… Do I occasionally have some energy loss and indigestion? Yes… but, I had that when I ate junk food all day too. So… If you, like me at a younger age, are simply out of control in your eating habits, you might want to try this diet.

Once I got under 200 pounds again, exercise became much easier, but I still never got into a great pattern of behavior regarding fitness. A couple years ago I took up boxing for about 6 months and got down to 160, now I’m a little lazy and back to 170… But the diet still basically works for me. I’d like to add breakfast and regular exercise to the routine, and hopefully I will again this year… but if you’re really unhealthy already, because of your weight, and you can’t get into a steady fitness routine… Try it out “From now on, I’m only going to eat delicious food, and once per day”.

I am not an expert on fitness… so take this advice with a grain of salt, but it worked for me.


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