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Proof That Quantum Consciousness Controlling the Material World, or Quantum Physics Going Macro, is Nonsense.

In very short order, I would like to repudiate two very popular theories infecting modern consciousness.

1. That your thoughts control reality at the macro level, and you can will yourself to health, for example, or a new house. This theory is usually proposed by pseudo scientists, spiritualists, healers or as I like to call them, bat shit crazy people.

2. That quantum physics proves that there was just a % chance that our universe was going to come into existence, so it did. The idea that quantum physics applies at the macro level. This is usually proposed by much more accredited, doctors, physicists, and engineers… Or, as I like to call them, bat shit crazy people.

First… Your thoughts controlling reality. I can prove this isn’t true, at the macro level, and I can explain the placebo effect. If you could control reality, using only your consciousness, then… eventually someone watching national geographic, is going to get bit by a poison bug, from the Amazon. One of the listeners to the recent Joe Rogan pod casts, would have had a mushroom grow out of his head, explode, and infect everyone around them with the same condition, thousands of us envisioned it vividly.

Millions of people imagine horrible, but fantastical, insane, ridiculous things all the time… and none of them manifest at the macroscopic level… Why then does the placebo effect work? For the same reason meditation does, and yes, I imagine it’s a skill you can improve on, like meditation. “They’re giving me the cure… I need to eat healthy and stay strong to prove it works”… Instead of “Hmmm… fem months left… any drugs or food I wanted to try?”. Thinking you will be cured, reduces blood pressure, stress, and high risk behavior… I’m sure you could do a study proving that as well, but it’s simply common sense. The same is true of the thought “God is going to save me”, of course it improves your chances of feeling better, that doesn‘t mean that if you say Candyman 3 times in front of a mirror, he‘ll kill you .

Which brings me to the second theory I would like to thoroughly repudiate, for the exact same reason. “Quantum theory proves there was a chance the big bang could happen, so it did. Something can emerge from nothing.”… What the fuck are you talking about? There’s a much smaller chance of the big bang emerging from quantum theory, than there is a bus emerging from quantum theory 6 feet above my head, just for saying this. To suggest the unquantifiable amounts of energy in the big bang emerged from quantum properties, is absolutely ludicrous, and I’m a pretty vehement atheist. I would love to believe it, but it’s crap, and even if it were true, why does that property exist, and is there a purpose to it? It’s almost as if scientists don’t even understand the question.

You might as well tell me there’s a chance god is going to smite me down at random, or cure the world of disease… You have as much luck explaining either rationally.

Consciousness manifests reality, by doing work, and having experiences in the material world only. Quantum physics currently explains best, the realm in which it operates, no more.

Peace and love.


2 responses to “Proof That Quantum Consciousness Controlling the Material World, or Quantum Physics Going Macro, is Nonsense.

    • “One side starts from the perspective that it is matter, one from the perspective that it is mind”… My point is that both, are now paid, by the public, to argue their side, despite large mountains of evidence, for and against, on both. Monism, is interesting, it seems a bit like string theory, but it is fundamentally opposed to the writings of Deepak Chopra, who insists there is no material plane, there is no reality in which we resonate. The problem with Monism, is that the atom would have been the Brahman 100 years ago… and it’s god… so what tests can you run on it?

      If we discover strings, and resonance… that might not be the end of science… but Hinduism will take credit, and call that Brahman… It’s a self fulfilling belief system, “You see this one tiny thing we don’t understand… I told you there was a god”. It’s the same with the scientists though, “This is the math, it works… So… that’s the purpose of it working. There was a chance this would happen, so it did, now shut up”…

      There should be better math, the probabilistic nature of the universe, should be getting smaller, provided there is a reality. If the big bang emerges from a % chance, then it can happen again, at any moment right on top of us… God can smite us at random… I mean probability, not god, that would be pseudo science.

      Both of these beliefs reek of “Look, I figured it out, we can all go home now”… “Let’s stop thinking, and start convincing, and communicating”. My perspective is simple “I doubt that an ape, like me, figured it out already…”

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