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It’s just a frustration
Spreading all over this desperate nation
It’s the inhalation

Leads to desperation
We yearn for penetration
Just to rise our station
So what’s my motivation?

Instantaneous levitation
Removal of complications
For more peaceful meditations
And beautiful illustrations

But it requires preparation
It’s a crooked administration
That’s neglecting education
By faking gratification

The government gives misinformation
And the truth needs representation
It’s an intellectual molestation
Of a people obsessed with recreation

It’s just an irritation
Infecting people looking for stimulation
It’s the new vacation

False justification
We strive for deviation
Lacking clarification
Our lives are quite a glorious exploration

We’re shooting for perfection
We’re hoping for redemption
We have a funny way of showing affection
What’s the connection?

It’s just another function
Of self destruction
In a world full of corruption
And mass consumption

Another relaxation
A little flirtation
For the propagation

Getting lost in translation
And misrepresentation
We’re giving in to temptation
And over consuming elation

These social permutations
Are feeding mass litigation
There’s so much incarceration
With little investigation

You’re feeling the vibrations
Ignoring the palpitations
But there’s no time for captivation
You’re feeling the dehydration

You’re always in confrontation
And taking some medication
Just to stop the rotation
Get control of navigation

What we need is a transformation
To stop watching the TV Stations
I’m sick of the presentations
It’s time for some preservation

There’s less precipitation
Environmental devastation
It’s just our situation
As one of the population

Six billion different shuns, with seemingly no relation


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