That Fool Dave Saves the Planet Earth Through Xenophobia

So… I’ve basically given up on our international institutions to solve any of our problems… I mean, look at them… seriously… So, what are we, as individuals, able to do about it? Declare war! War is always a good way to unify people around a common enemy… but, what do we declare war on?

On institutions?… I thought about that for awhile… but ultimately, as with all wars, there end up being civilians involved. Just because most of our institutions, are corrupt, and broken, doesn’t mean they aren’t also filled with regular people trying to make a living… I’ve never been a fan of wars that kill innocent people, that’s why I don’t like the drug war, or the war on terror.

So who do we declare war on? Kepler 22-b. A theoretically habitable planet, approximately 600 light years from earth. Why? Because the alien race of Kepler 22-b, has sent a war party, towards the planet earth. It wants our resources, and it will stop at nothing to destroy us all.

Due to their advanced cloaking technology, we can’t see them yet… but we have good intelligence to suspect that they could arrive at any minute, and humanity must be ready to defend itself.

All of our governments, parties, and religious squabbles are all just meaningless distractions, from the real threat… Kepler 22b. We must abandon them all, and create an enormous international space exploration, colonization, and defense fund, everything else the government is doing… is pretty much a waste of time, and should be ignored whenever possible.

We need to spend money on pure research, or the Keplonians will eradicate us all. Think I’m lying, think the Keplonian threat isn’t real? Well prove me wrong… Prove there are not invisible aliens on their way to destroy us… And, until you can… Shut up… We all might be about to die : p

This invisible extra terrestrial threat can attack at any moment, and we are ill prepared. Everything else should be of secondary concern. What do you think? Also, it needs a name. Ooohhh… Xenons… So we can be worldwide xenophobes. It’s perfect.

So yes. I’m certain… God told me, or the invisible aliens… I saw them in my minds eye, through the quantum, quantumness, in the quantum infinite quantum, quantum… You get it… Magic told me. I’m absolutely 100% sure, and I’ve never told a lie, The Xenons, from Kepler 22b, are going to destroy us all, if humanity doesn’t unite to defend itself.

Join The Xenophobes!


How I Lost a Hundred Pounds, in an “Incredibly Unhealthy” Way

So, I was the fat kid growing up. At age 22 or 23 I topped out at roughly 280 lbs… This was particularly high, and in reality only lasted a few days, but I floated around 250 for quite some time. For most of those 22 years, I was on a diet. Atkins, or weight watchers, or some weird new fad… all leading me further and further down the rabbit hole. I’d lose ten pounds in ten days, then crave everything I hadn’t eaten for days, and gain it all back in 2.

What changed at 23ish? Diet and Exercise? No, of course not… Cigarettes? Well, that started at about 20, but it probably helped… What really helped however, was a new philosophy. One which, everything I have read, suggests, is incredibly unhealthy, but one which worked for me… So why wouldn’t I share it?

Basically, the That Fool Dave Diet, is very simple. You only allow yourself to eat delicious food, and you only eat once per day. Fruit, veggies, and drink calories, that’s it, all the way until dinner. Then, eat whatever you want, but go to, or pick it up from a restaurant, not a fast food place, or cook it yourself.

Mostly I have an energy drink or smoothie in the morning, a couple light snacks during the day… but then, for dinner… Thai, Pizza, Chinese, big meals, appetizers, desserts… go for it. By not buying the first two meals of the day, I tend to afford a nice 10-15 dollar feast for dinner.

Why do “experts” say this is “unhealthy”. It makes your body enter what has been called “starvation mode” and actually begins to naturally shrink the size of your stomach… Why do I put experts and unhealthy in quotes… because it’s basically a natural version of the lap band, which, if you are 100 pounds overweight, any of them would happily recommend.

Now… Do I occasionally have some energy loss and indigestion? Yes… but, I had that when I ate junk food all day too. So… If you, like me at a younger age, are simply out of control in your eating habits, you might want to try this diet.

Once I got under 200 pounds again, exercise became much easier, but I still never got into a great pattern of behavior regarding fitness. A couple years ago I took up boxing for about 6 months and got down to 160, now I’m a little lazy and back to 170… But the diet still basically works for me. I’d like to add breakfast and regular exercise to the routine, and hopefully I will again this year… but if you’re really unhealthy already, because of your weight, and you can’t get into a steady fitness routine… Try it out “From now on, I’m only going to eat delicious food, and once per day”.

I am not an expert on fitness… so take this advice with a grain of salt, but it worked for me.

That Fool Dave Saves the Northeast, Europe, and Everywhere Else No One Should Live

Just poking fun. Another simple invention I have, for green energy. This one, in the winter… Really… just in the rain… but it’s still a good idea when implemented on a massive scale. Rain gutter, water wheels. Like sun concentration, but for rain, and if they aren’t doing this already, sewer power.

Rain hits roof, goes in rain gutters, which channel it to a focal point, where it drops onto an old fashioned water wheel, connected to an alternator, which connects to the grid, or just a battery you can use to charge an extra heater, when it’s raining. I know this sounds expensive, but the truth is… for a do it yourselfer, it could be really simple and cheap. Old car alternator, and car battery. Charge one, bring it in to power your space heater, while the other charges. It’s a rural minded solution, but one that could help quite a few poor people save money on power in the cold, and reduce emissions.

On a larger scale you could do this in rainforest/marsh land, provided that after channeling the water, you then created a channel through which it would flow to it’s natural resting place.

I don’t understand why there aren’t already water wheels generating power in our sewers… but I don’t understand our sewage system very well anyway. I don’t know what to do with these ideas personally because it never rains in southern California, but if you use them to become a millionaire, maybe give me some credit or a cushy job. I’m going to try to create my own with that whole boiling stone thing.

Peace and love friends.


That Fool Dave Saves the Green Economy… Then, Likely Destroys it.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of the economy, at first, the American one, but also, in general, the world… The same problem comes up over and over… It’s just too easy. Concentrated Solar Power. We have the desert land, it’s made of plentiful materials… satisfies a majority of industrial applications… What’s stopping us?

This fantastic presentation, explains in depth how powerful the technology is, and also reminds us of the 1878 Worlds Fair which debuted a solar steam printing press… If only we had paid the extra part of a penny to use it, rather than coal to print in bulk.

If you have the time, it’s worth all 45 minutes

”The human race must finally utilize direct sun power or revert to barbarism,” Frank Shuman Scientific American 1913… Shortly before… well… an eruption of barbarism.

If you have less time check out Bang Goes the Theory.

What’s the big problem with employing a large scale concentration project? Well… Oil companies want to destroy green energy and a cabal of bankers… blah blah blah… no thanks… I think it’s much simpler. This is not just a big engineering problem… this is an entire world wide multi million human being shift in the way human beings have to live, problem. Aside from barely being able to pass oil prices assuming small advances in technology, and economies of scale… Millions of engineers need to move into the desert or at least go work there regularly to create this new power grid, and it’s going to be expensive to convince Americans to do this. This is the one thing this video ignores, the concept that normal people might want to do this in their backyard.

I think there is lack of interest and work ethic mostly on behalf of Americans. A lack of blue collar laborers interested in moving to the desert to make renewable energy a reality, and more importantly a lack of well paid engineers interested in leading them. Also a lack of blue collar, or white collar high school grads, who have confidence in their ability to do things like this, without an engineering degree. Playing with sunlight can be very dangerous… but, if you make a decent living, or have a nice savings account, you’re allowed to experiment with these things, and they will cut your energy bills quite a bit if you do it yourself. Check out simple designs at

So… Why do I say “Then, Likely Destroys It”… well… It’s just too cheap. If people move to the desert and buy cheap land, concentrate the sun, and then, just to be a plug whore, buy themselves something from or … What else do you need? 50k houses slowly sprout up an acre a pop in the desert and form communities… Sounds nice to me, too cheap for who?

Banks, and government. I don’t mean that it’s a conspiracy… but the two biggest financers of projects like this, have put us way too far into debt, for us to pay it back by living nice lives in small communities. This is the only reason I can think of for liberals not trying to support concentrated solar power… They’re supposed to be for green energy… but this is just too cheap, so there is no incentive. I think it’s willful ignorance, nothing more, nothing less.

As people choose to utilize this technology despite lack of government or banking incentives, we’ll have to take a serious look at our debt burden. Why Saves the Green Economy… Here, I unveil in crude paint designs, how I think we need to save the world, with portable, large scale green energy. Instead of a molten salt, my theory, is that we should simply focus the energy of the sun on a cement block, or clay block. Substances with a high specific heat, that won’t melt at 1000 degrees. In this insanely simple paint diagram, the only thing that needs explaining is the “trap door”, which is basically a heat shield which deploys at sunset and theoretically blocks heat loss on 5 sides of the cement cube. Thus, the heat energy is lost only to the side with the boiler.

I need to test how long this will continue to boil water… and just in case there isn’t a good boiler on the market… I have another crude paint drawing for what one might look like in your back yard. I’ll post that as well. Though it’s even more embarrassing as far as artistic ability.

I use artistic tools like a 5 year old. That said, the basic principles are sound, I believe… so I’m going to run some tests slowly and carefully over time. Starting likely with the entry level open source design from hopefully it’s a sound theory, and the Cement doesn’t just lose all the heat 30 min after sunset, making my extra addition useless… If it does though… I’ll still just buy a system for boiling water and doing it the normal way. Feel free to laugh at my artwork or my flawed concepts. I am a fool after all, peace and love friends.

solar oven

Edit… Less physically impossible, quite possibly feasible.

water boiling turbine

That Fool Dave Saves the Guns

“The man who would trade liberty for security, deserves neither liberty nor security, Benjamin Franklin said that… Yeah… well… Fuck Benjamin Franklin! That fat slave owner” Jim Norton.

Great one liner, and I laughed at it, because I agreed with it. He was talking about the TSA, and people who complain about scans/pat downs… I don’t think it’s “out of control”… As he said “People are willing to blow themselves up dick first”, and no one really knows how to deal with that. A plane is an enormous weapon with a guaranteed concentrated group of people.

That said, I don’t mind the TSA… but, I also don’t think Americans will ever let someone hijack a plane again. Now that intentions are clear, we’re cowboys at heart still, and I like that about us… I like that a terrorist now has more to fear from the passengers, than the authorities. I could live without the TSA, I think we’d do fine.

I feel the same way about guns… but unlike the TSA, which I can endure. I don’t want to endure harsh national gun restrictions… Why?

In my mind, the major conflict over gun rights is a conflict between a rural way of life, versus an urban one. People often forget that rural areas have an enormous brain drain, called cities. The best and brightest move out, leaving often poor uneducated communities. What is the one thing these communities typically have to offer a wealthy or intelligent individual?

Freedom… I know it sounds tacky… but I don’t mean it that way, I mean it in a very literal technical sense. If you have a good job, and want to live outside of the city limits, you can own land… Real land, vast tracks of open space.

Aside from runways, paragliding, kayaking etc… What’s one of the coolest things you can do when there’s no one around to put in danger? Any of you liberals, not thinking about guns or explosives right now… Have you ever seen “Mythbusters”, because they make owning high powered rifles and grenades look like a lot of fun for people in the middle of nowhere.

Rather than immediately thinking “Well, that’s violence on TV”… etc… Just recognize that there are 2 incredibly under discussed advantages of living in a rural area, with weak substance laws, and strong privacy laws. You can conduct experiments, and you can blow stuff up.

Both of these rights are absolutely crucial… Why? The first is obvious… Tesla… We’d put him in jail today, in a heartbeat. This is what is stifling economic growth, worldwide. “The man who shook New York” would have been his terrorist brand before he was executed today, and it’s a tragedy.

Why blow stuff up, shoot high powered rifles, or buy an old tank? Because some people, think it’s fun. Deep in the minds of most men, and plenty of women, is a child that wants the coolest, biggest toys. Some want a kite to hang from, or parachute, or rubber band… but if you want to mess around with a rocket launcher, in the middle of nowhere, more power to you.

Does this mean there should be no gun laws? Not at all. The same rocket launcher is, and should be, illegal in any city where people gather by the tens of thousands. Gun laws should limit people to hunting weapons, 6 shooters, and shotguns in major cities, freely, by choice. That said, we shouldn’t take away a human beings right to be left alone, with awesome toys, in the middle of nowhere… until they actually get violent. Being left alone, doesn’t include protecting rapists or wife beaters of course, but that‘s another issue.

It does include letting Tesla be Tesla. It does include letting Hunter S Thompson play with awesome guns on his 60 acre ranch. Let the places in the middle of nowhere who have nothing to offer but privacy, and lax legislation, continue to offer it, provided they never encourage actual violence. Let the middle of nowhere be a refuge for experimentation and madness.

Why else is this important? Well… I’ve never killed a child with a flying killer robot… Have you? I reckon 99% of Americans have never killed a child with a robot. I bet there are people on 30 acre ranches right now playing with flying killer robots, and almost none of them killed any children with their toys… You know who has killed a lot of children with flying killer robots? Employees of the United States Government.

The reason you should never trade the slightest bit of liberty for security… Is that civilians are always less dangerous than members of government. We almost only call on government when a situation escalates to violence, because they are the best at it. In almost all Western societies save America, the government has a monopoly on the tools of violence. Our backwards approach to regulated militias, has allowed normal civilians of means, to choose to purchase tools of self defense of almost military grade. This is not a threat to our security, it is a display of our security.

If you live 100 miles outside of town, and a group of rapists, murderers, or thieves, sneak on your property, it is perfectly legal to kill them, and then call the police here. Why? Almost all of European civilization thinks this is crazy… but isn’t that how people who would organize themselves into gangs and bandits want it?

Imagine you’re desperate, poor, angry, and on the run from police… Wouldn’t it be great if everywhere in the country there wasn’t a patrol car, you were the best armed person? Wouldn’t it be great if your stolen or black market assault rifle, was always pitted against a kitchen knife as soon as you got 10 miles away from a sheriff?

In a city, letting someone “defend property” with weapons that could win against 5 intruders with pistols… sounds crazy…. Because it is… the second you get a hundred miles away from a major city… It’s not crazy… It’s risky… You could shoot yourself accidentally. If you store guns improperly someone could steal them, they could blow up, or be used by a member of the family… but if you ever get assaulted, or invaded… and the police are 20 min away, that’s risky too. If people choose one risk over the other, that’s up to them.

Finally… Mental health. There has been a lot of talk about mental health threats, and what we can do to limit gun ownership among crazy people. This is very dangerous. If doctor patient confidentiality is to be violated to enforce gun laws, gun owners will immediately begin to justifiably fear seeking help for mental illness. This is an enormous moral hazard, that I virtually guarantee would have a negative impact on gun violence. Just the discussion of making mental health gun laws, is making a gun owner thinking about getting help, reconsider, right now.

Please don’t discourage young hunters who get depressed from seeking help they might desperately need.

So… That’s how I would save guns. Strict local and aerial laws… virtually no control in small communities. Leave people who want to be left alone, alone. Don’t bring your high powered weapons to a baseball game, buy them in the desert/forest, shoot them in the desert/forest, or visit someone doing the same. If you do that… no one should ever have a problem with you.

Just to be clear. I am not, nor really intend, to be a gun owner. If I was, I’d buy a shotgun or six shooter… but I occasionally like the idea of moving into the middle of nowhere… and if I did that… I could totally see myself playing with some crazy toys. Making an electric helicopter, designing solar concentrators, even setting up a real life Borderlands 2 style obstacle course and shooting range… Why not take advantage of the fact there’s no one around?

That Fool Dave Saves Democracy

We need public online voting attached to social networks.  The ballot should be finalized 6 months before the election, and you can log on at any time, and post your vote.  It will be impossible not to count your vote, because it will be public, you can see what it was counted as.

If you post your vote early.  You can leave brief descriptions as to why… and you can then comment on your friends and neighbors votes, trying to get them to change their mind.  They can of course try to influence your vote as well.  There could be contests and competitions among great communicators and celebrities, to see who can change the most votes… but ultimately, everyone will be able to log on, and count one at a time each vote in their district, to insure that the right person won the election.  We can all see arguments and responses… and understand our fellow citizens better, for next election cycle.

This is the next evolution of participatory democracy, and I hope people learn to appreciate, and support it.  Your vote is not a private matter, it is in fact the only thing, that the public has any business knowing about.

Did Coursera Steal My Webcam Idea? That Fool Dave Saves Public Education

So, a few months ago I posted a conversation on Ted Conversations, talking about my strategy for public education.  Basically.  We need one international online public school.  One of the highlights, in my mind, was the idea that testing should require students to have webcams, and someone should be paid a living wage to watch a few test takers, and make sure they are staying on the website, and not looking at books or other source material while testing.

Then recently I read… Hey that’s what Coursera is doing… and their speaker, uses a ted photo… Did they jack me, or do great minds think alike?

That frustration aside however, there were other elements of this idea which were innovative.   We already have a public university system, write it into teachers contracts that they have to record their classes, and post them.  As incentive enter a small pay increase, and rewards, for the most popular teachers online.  Ask each teacher to label each question they are asked with a tag, so any student with that question, can find the answer.

This could create teaching celebrities, and we could offer million dollar prizes to the “Best Physics/Algebra/Literature Teacher of 2013” because they have millions of students.

If you’re in politics, and you want a world changing education system… You want one international online public school.