That Fool Dave Saves the Green Economy… Then, Likely Destroys it.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of the economy, at first, the American one, but also, in general, the world… The same problem comes up over and over… It’s just too easy. Concentrated Solar Power. We have the desert land, it’s made of plentiful materials… satisfies a majority of industrial applications… What’s stopping us?

This fantastic presentation, explains in depth how powerful the technology is, and also reminds us of the 1878 Worlds Fair which debuted a solar steam printing press… If only we had paid the extra part of a penny to use it, rather than coal to print in bulk.

If you have the time, it’s worth all 45 minutes

”The human race must finally utilize direct sun power or revert to barbarism,” Frank Shuman Scientific American 1913… Shortly before… well… an eruption of barbarism.

If you have less time check out Bang Goes the Theory.

What’s the big problem with employing a large scale concentration project? Well… Oil companies want to destroy green energy and a cabal of bankers… blah blah blah… no thanks… I think it’s much simpler. This is not just a big engineering problem… this is an entire world wide multi million human being shift in the way human beings have to live, problem. Aside from barely being able to pass oil prices assuming small advances in technology, and economies of scale… Millions of engineers need to move into the desert or at least go work there regularly to create this new power grid, and it’s going to be expensive to convince Americans to do this. This is the one thing this video ignores, the concept that normal people might want to do this in their backyard.

I think there is lack of interest and work ethic mostly on behalf of Americans. A lack of blue collar laborers interested in moving to the desert to make renewable energy a reality, and more importantly a lack of well paid engineers interested in leading them. Also a lack of blue collar, or white collar high school grads, who have confidence in their ability to do things like this, without an engineering degree. Playing with sunlight can be very dangerous… but, if you make a decent living, or have a nice savings account, you’re allowed to experiment with these things, and they will cut your energy bills quite a bit if you do it yourself. Check out simple designs at

So… Why do I say “Then, Likely Destroys It”… well… It’s just too cheap. If people move to the desert and buy cheap land, concentrate the sun, and then, just to be a plug whore, buy themselves something from or … What else do you need? 50k houses slowly sprout up an acre a pop in the desert and form communities… Sounds nice to me, too cheap for who?

Banks, and government. I don’t mean that it’s a conspiracy… but the two biggest financers of projects like this, have put us way too far into debt, for us to pay it back by living nice lives in small communities. This is the only reason I can think of for liberals not trying to support concentrated solar power… They’re supposed to be for green energy… but this is just too cheap, so there is no incentive. I think it’s willful ignorance, nothing more, nothing less.

As people choose to utilize this technology despite lack of government or banking incentives, we’ll have to take a serious look at our debt burden. Why Saves the Green Economy… Here, I unveil in crude paint designs, how I think we need to save the world, with portable, large scale green energy. Instead of a molten salt, my theory, is that we should simply focus the energy of the sun on a cement block, or clay block. Substances with a high specific heat, that won’t melt at 1000 degrees. In this insanely simple paint diagram, the only thing that needs explaining is the “trap door”, which is basically a heat shield which deploys at sunset and theoretically blocks heat loss on 5 sides of the cement cube. Thus, the heat energy is lost only to the side with the boiler.

I need to test how long this will continue to boil water… and just in case there isn’t a good boiler on the market… I have another crude paint drawing for what one might look like in your back yard. I’ll post that as well. Though it’s even more embarrassing as far as artistic ability.

I use artistic tools like a 5 year old. That said, the basic principles are sound, I believe… so I’m going to run some tests slowly and carefully over time. Starting likely with the entry level open source design from hopefully it’s a sound theory, and the Cement doesn’t just lose all the heat 30 min after sunset, making my extra addition useless… If it does though… I’ll still just buy a system for boiling water and doing it the normal way. Feel free to laugh at my artwork or my flawed concepts. I am a fool after all, peace and love friends.

solar oven

Edit… Less physically impossible, quite possibly feasible.

water boiling turbine